Thursday, April 23, 2009

Press Secretary Luzhkov led a "Radio Center".

New Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moscow goskompanii Radio Center appointed Sergei Tsoi, press secretary of the mayor of capital Jury Luzhkov. This Kommersant "on Thursday, April 23.
The fact that the shareholders of OJSC "Concern" Radio Center "(the station," says Moscow, "" Sports Radio "and others) have decided to appoint a new Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Press Secretary Moscow Mayor Sergei Tsoi, told Kommersant deputy director Concern Yuri Anisimov. Sam Sergei Tsoi confirmed that accepted the offer.
According to the publication, several media sources claim that the Government of Moscow is also now considering the possibility of foreclosure 60 percent of the shares of JSC "Concern" Radio Center "and 35 percent of the shares in OAO" SCC "Capital TV" from another co-owner of the company - OOO "Bonaventura" Basil Kichedzhi. Yuri Anisimov in an interview with "Kommersant" confirm this information. But Sergei Tsoi said that while "the issue of acquisition of these packages to the mayor's office is not."
According to Kommersant, before the crisis of OJSC "Concern" Radio Center "and JSC" SCC "Capital TV" together amounted to more than 70 million dollars.
JSC "Concern" Radio Center ", one of the largest radio operators in Russia, was established by order of the Moscow Government in August 1997. Concern owned media assets as follows: the radio," says Moscow, "Russian Public Radio, Radio Sport" package shares in OAO "SCC TV" Capital. "

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