Friday, April 17, 2009

The Russian Forbes appears a site.

The Russian edition of Forbes will appear its own site. On this April 16, wrote in his blog the editor in chief of the Russian version of Maxim magazine Kashulinsky.
'In fact, properly speaking "journal site. Because he who does the site log "(newspapers, radio stations), stuck somewhere far in the past. We want to move the Forbes brand to the Internet, do a "site of Forbes" ', - writes Kashulinskiy.Po said Glavred magazine, the website will be ready by the end of 2009, above the already under way. Kashulinsky refused to answer questions users of the site whether Forbes localization in English, or will be developed from scratch.
Kashulinskogo The responses to comments on my blog are aware that the site will be posted for at least the table of contents of previous issues of the journal. As to whether the available archive material, is not yet soobschaetsya.Ezhemesyachny business magazine Forbes in 2004, produced in Russia publishing house Axel Springer Russia. Maxim Kashulinsky heads the editorial board since August 2004.

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