Monday, April 27, 2009

Manual Fifth Channel TV denied the removal of the ether.

Head of Public Relations of St. Petersburg "Fifth Channel denied message on the removal of Tatyana Alexandrova TV from the ether, Interfax reports. April 27, Alexandrov said the journalists said that excluded from the program indefinitely without explanation. "Interfax" to remove the leading source described in the guide channel. However, in the Service of Public Relations stated that the change in the status of the lead was not: Aleksandrov is Director of Urban broadcasting and the leader of the "Petersburg hour. According to the press service, Alexandrova for could still go efir.Soobscheniya removal Tatyana Alexandrova linked to the recent conflict between journalists and the Chairperson of the Committee for Economic Development of St. Petersburg (KERPPiT) Sergei Bodrunova. After the broadcast on April 8, appeared in the media decoding applications Bodrunova after the broadcast, when the officer accused the sponsors of the program integrity. It was als!
o reported that he had made offensive remarks to callers on the air telezriteley.23 April Bodrunov apologized to the journalists on the site KERPPiT. The official, however, said that some statements attributed to him improperly, and did not rule that apply to the court. Tatyana Alexandrova refused to accept the apology, noting that officials should have to resign. In addition, the lead is not arranged for a form of apology.

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