Wednesday, April 29, 2009

U.S. Supreme Court allowed to punish TV stations for abusive language.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed the Federal Communications Commission to punish TV stations for broadcast on the air obscene invectives, CNN reported April 28. Party in the trial were major telekorporatsii the U.S. - ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, in the air repeatedly met "inappropriate expressions."
The verdict in the controversial issue was introduced after long deliberations and the minimum majority vote: "yes" votes in the five judges, and "no" - four. In addition, the court refused to decide as to whether the action violated the state regulator's first amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech, appointing a new review of this aspect of the case in the Federal Court of Appeal.
The position of the Supreme Court is that the use of inappropriate language in a television broadcast is not as cut-off national TV channels should more strictly than cable television or the Internet, especially in the daytime and evening, when TVs are minors. The court believed that the obscene abuses, even used as an exclamation interjection can severely hurt or offend precisely because of its connection with the first meaning of taboo, and therefore a public broadcast in any case irrelevant.
In gosregulyatore called the Supreme Court's decision "a victory for American families." It also led to the approval of conservative American politicians.
Earlier, a federal appeals court in New York ruled in favor of telekorporatsy. He called the policy of the federal commission "arbitrarily and inconsistently." However gosregulyator did not agree with the verdict and appealed to the Supreme Court.

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