Friday, April 24, 2009

Kazakh newspaper editor released from custody.

   Chief editor of the Kazakh opposition newspaper Taszhargan "Ermurat Bapi released from custody, said April 23, agency Interfax.
Bapi was arrested five days the morning of 23 April. Thus a specialized administrative court of Almaty punish a journalist for failure of the earlier court decision. Bapi himself and his colleagues at the newspaper Taszhargan "announced that April 24 will begin a hunger strike to demand the release of Glavred. Meanwhile, the Almaty prosecutor's office protested the decision to arrest Bapi, and he was immediately released.
Decision of the court, which did not comply Bapi, editor "Taszhargan" is liable to pay compensation for moral damages in the amount of 30 million tenge (about 200 thousand U.S. dollars), members of Parliament of Kazakhstan Romina Madinovu. The MP appealed to the court after the newspaper cited him latifundistom.
During a special meeting of the Administrative Court on 23 April Bapi announced that stops output Taszhargana. He said: "I constantly feel the total pressure and do not want to suggest friends, journalists and their families." Journalist officially announced its decision to the presidential administration of Kazakhstan, members of the national Parliament, other governments, human rights organizations, as well as the embassies of the United States, Britain and Germany. Do Bapi changed its position in relation to the release from detention, still remains unclear.

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