Friday, April 24, 2009

Ukraine does not have enough money for coverage of "Eurovision".

Ukraine may waive coverage of the "Eurovision" in 2009, RIA News April 23. This is the first vice-president of the National Television Company of Ukraine (NTKU) Roman Nedzelsky told a news conference in Kiev.
According to Nedzelskogo, due to lack of funding due to crisis NTKU may be forced to cancel a trip to Moscow a large group of journalists and national TV.
In addition, the Ukrainian participant of Svetlana Loboda, which should speak May 14 in the second semifinal, explained that due to financial constraints, she had to lay flat. Currently Loboda collect money through your website. According to her, the bulk of available funds spent on the production of decorations, that make in Hong Kong. Accommodation, meals and travel costs also dorogo.Konkurs "Eurovision" will take place in May 2009 in Moscow. Russia at this year represents Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko.

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