Friday, April 24, 2009

Petersburg official apologized to the "Fifth channel.

Head of Committee for Economic Development of St. Petersburg (KERPPiT) Sergey Bodrunov apologized to the journalists' Fifth channel" for "emotional breakdown", which he admitted after the television broadcast on April 8. Statement Bodrunova posted on 23 April on the site committee.
The official acknowledged that the tone of his communication with journalists and leading the program, as well as an assessment of their actions during the broadcast were "inadequate." His behavior, he explained that the treatment "ill talk show" for it was unexpected, since before the broadcast he was preparing to speak to pre-planned.
This Bodrunov denied statements attributed to him offensive to the citizens and promised to appeal to court if their replication.
The conflict between the head of the St. Petersburg journalists and KERPPiT "Fifth Channel occurred after the end of the" Petersburg hour ", which discussed the crisis measures taken by the city government. According to the ", Bodrunov extremely emotionally answer on TV, professionalism and leading the entire press corps TV. In addition, the officer allegedly threatened the dismissal of employees.
April 16, " reported that Smolny began an investigation the incident. April 20, in the city administration came to the conclusion that Bodrunov afford to "bad tone" to the journalists and to apologize, reports RIA Novosti. Confirmation of information about insulting the citizens, which, according to some media, the head of KERPPiT supposedly called the "cattle" in the Smolny not found.
The "Petersburg hour" to "Fifth channel" is in the form of an interactive talk show five times a week on weekdays. It is broadcast only in St. Petersburg. It discusses urban problems.

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