Friday, April 24, 2009

Komi prosecutor's office was protecting the Spanish journalists.

Komi prosecutor's office has found no evidence that the Spanish television in Vorkuta improperly performed work, the agency Interfax. As a result of the prosecutor's office verifying the involvement of journalists protested administratively liable.
Also supervising agency has denied a report that three Spanish journalists were expelled from Vorkuta. Spaniards themselves in an interview with journalists from Radio Liberty reported that they showed officers ATC tickets to Moscow, and left the city on the train, which planirovali.Soobschenie and the expulsion of the Spanish municipal journalists appeared on 22 April. Representatives of local government FMS stated that the Spaniards were filming a documentary for European television, and thus implement employment and commercial activity, although did not have the right to do so since Russia entered on tourist visas.
Journalists took interviews with residents of the city, shot types of Vorkuta and its environs, and sought information about the gulag and Stalin's repressions. A member of Vorkuta rights society "Memorial" Gregory Mamulashvili told Radio Liberty that the Spaniards never really been a journalist visa and permission for filming from Russia's Foreign Ministry, but it is not grounds for a ban on photography and the kinds of conversations with residents of the city.
It is also reported that in 2008 a Spanish film crew has already visited Vorkuta, and subsequently made some of photos were published in journals.

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