Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Astrakhan newspaper were charged with defamation of the State Duma deputy.

With respect to the newspaper "the Tribunal", published in the Astrakhan region, initiated two criminal cases because of the publications about the Russian State Duma deputy Oleg Sheina. This was reported at the MP.
As stated in the message, "the Tribunal" has published two materials with a view to defame Sheina. In the first case of the article, in which MPs are accused of charges of Astrakhan entrepreneurs: alleged in February 2009, brought with them six million rubles. The material was allegedly on the site Sheina, was signed as a businessman Saitova. It is submitted that the investigating authorities could not find in the Astrakhan region, a businessman with the surname.
The second publication of the Tribunal ", attracted the attention of the prosecutor's office, was signed by the name of the Sheina, and allegedly at the MP, provided a" direct insult against DA Medvedev. "The essence of provocation was simple: send gazetku to Moscow and set against Oleg central authority" - the report says.
In conclusion on the website states that "the Tribunal" does not have a permanent editor, and funded, presumably, the mayor of Astrakhan, edinorosom Sergei Bozhenovym.
"Interfax" referring to the Astrakhan region prosecutor's office said that the two cases against the newspaper "the Tribunal" filed under Article 129 of the Criminal Code (libel).
State Duma deputy Shein - born in Astrakhan, is currently the leader of the Astrakhan branch of the "Fair Russia". Media messages appear that Shein intends to nominate its candidate for Mayor of Astrakhan elections scheduled for October 2009.

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