Tuesday, April 14, 2009

VGTRK judged because of the "mod".

All-Russia State TV and Radio Company (VGTRK) filed a lawsuit to the film directed by Valery Todorovsky "Red Arrow", demanding that the Cinema has paid her more than half the revenue from producing the film "mod", said Kommersant.
VGTRK took part in the creation of a "mod", investing in its production of about 330 million rubles, representing half the total budget for the production of artworks. In exchange for this TV gained 50 per cent of the rights to use the film.
The total income from hire of "mod" was 500 million rubles, of which income attributable to producing 180 million. The treaty concluded between VGTRK and red arrows, each party owes 50 percent of producer revenue less all expenses.
According VGTRK, in addition to paying half the amount of 180 million "Red Arrow" it must also be compensated for the fact that the TV had not agreed on the cost of moving pictures, and that is why VGTRK, these costs are not recognized. In particular, advertising the film was in competing with VGTRK "First Channel". Thus, the total amount of 134 million rubles.
At the same time, the general director of "red arrows" Dmitry Domnin insists the cost of moving, which amounted to 175 million rubles, and thus is willing to share with VGTRK the remaining 5 million.
Telling the youth subculture of the 1950 film "mod" was released in rent 25 Dec, 2008. April 3, 2009 picture won four prizes "Nick", including the Best feature film. " "Mod" is also included in the short-list of Russian versions of premium MTV Movie Awards, whose winners will be announced April 23.

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