Monday, April 13, 2009

CCC director sold shares of Sony Pictures Television series producer.

   The majority shareholder of the company Sony Pictures Television has bought 16 percent shares of Lean-M, which is the largest Russian producer of serials. On this April 13, writes the newspaper Kommersant.
Its shares "Lean-M sold the Sony Pictures Television director, television and DTV ITS Vjacheslav Murug. Murug explained to Kommersant that may own the shares of series producer only when he was the executive producer of the CCC. Now he is director of the rights involved in decisions about the purchase of serials for the STS and DTV, which should not simultaneously be interested in the affairs of "Lean, M.
Kommersant said that Sony Pictures Television has acquired 51 percent shares in Lean-M "back in 2007. The remaining shares then divided evenly among the founders of the company - Vyacheslav Murugovym, Oleg Osipov and Timur Weinstein. Osipov, according to the newspaper, had also recently resigned from the shareholders.
The "Lean-M was established in 2000. It produces, in particular, such series as "Soldiers", "Happy Together" and "Students." Annual turnover in 2008 as the Kommersant daily, was 80 million dollars. Last year the company has withdrawn about 600 hours of serials for various channels.

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