Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"BBC" will reduce advertising costs by a quarter.

British Broadcasting Corporation BBC decided to cut 25 percent of the advertising budget units in the current fiscal year, which begins April 1. This writes the newspaper The Guardian.
Previously, it was assumed that the advertising budget units will be 100 million pounds sterling. According to The Guardian, which refers to the source of the "BBC", due to reduced expenditures on advertising are likely to be suspended campaign "Perfect Day" and "This is what we do".
Reduction of the advertising budget has been one of the paragraphs of the "BBC", aimed at reducing costs in the face of crisis. It was proposed by Director General Mark Thompson (Mark Thompson). Earlier in the program of the corporation has decided to lower the wages and dismiss the lead more than 1200 staff.
TV and Radio "BBC" was established in 1922. Now correspondents and affiliated companies operate in more than 200 countries. "BBC" belongs to an international news channel BBC World News.

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