Monday, April 20, 2009

He died a well-known TV presenter Yuri Fokine.

At 84 years old, died a well-known TV presenter Soviet Yuri Fokine. That was reported by Interfax on Monday, 20 April.
"Yuri Fokin, died yesterday. He lived for over eighty years", - told the agency the National Association of Broadcasters president Edward Sagalaev. This Sagalaev noted that the funeral was a reporter and a leading association of the First Channel and VGTRK, but time and place of the funeral has not yet been determined.
As recalled, "Echo of Moscow", in 60 of the last century, the name of Yuri Fokine knew the entire Soviet Union. He was the author, creator and lead the "Relay of news." For a long time, the program appeared in the weekly format. It is from her appearance, as the radio station, taken to reading the information broadcast on the national television.
According to the "Echo of Moscow", is now the name of Yuri Fokine, who not only had "the baton of news, but filmed in the cinema, almost forgotten. In the 60 years he has not once occurred conflicts with management. It has been removed from esters reprimand. Nevertheless, for nearly 10 years he remained mostly television country.
In 1984, at age 60, he retired. In 1999, Yuri Fokin TEFI was awarded for his contribution to the development of television.

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