Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Investigating the murder of Vladislav Listiev suspended.

Investigatory Committee at the General Prosecutor's Office suspended the investigation into the murder of Vladislav Listiev TV. As reported by Rosbalt, in the regulation it is due to the inability to identify the person to be prosecuted.
Vladislav leaves was killed 1 March 1995 near the entrance of his house on the street in Moscow, Novokuznetsk. A month before the leaves had been appointed general director of Russian Public Television (ORT), he was a TV "Subject", and before that was the leading quiz "field of miracles."
Criminals are not touched the money and valuables Listiev, allowing the investigation to draw conclusions about the custom nature of the killing.
Over 14 years of investigation by representatives of the Prosecutor General has repeatedly stated that a case does not cease, and it does not translate into a bad. Appeared regularly reports on the identification of new developments in the investigation.
In 2002, a representative of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation MIA Russia announced that the investigation found alleged, and that they were announced in the federal and international search. According to the agency Rosbalt, confessed to the murder of a professional killer Andrew ЧелÑ&lsqauo;шев, moreover, in the investigation were interviewed businessmen Boris Berezovsky, Sergei Lisovsky and Sergei Mikhailov. In the media discussed the version that Berezovsky was opposed to the leaves led ORT. The businessman, in turn, claimed that the assassination of Russian special services are.

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