Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Russia" will show a documentary on the Moscow subway.

Premiere documentary about Elizabeth Sheet Capital Metro "Metro" will be held on the morning of Saturday, April 11 at channel "Russia". Half the movie, which is to create a film crew spent nearly two years, will be shown in a series of "Soviet empire".
The film, created with the use of modern technology, includes a video, and filmed scenes in our time. Sheet film crew working in the Moscow subway at night.
In addition, the film includes previously did not use well known facts from the history of design and construction of the subway, its design and use as bomb shelters during the Great Patriotic War.
In the documentary cycle "Soviet empire" has come films Elizabeth sheet about the hotel "Moscow" monument "Motherland" on Mamayev burial mound in Volgograd, Ostankino Tower, hruschevkah and other architectural monuments of the Soviet era.

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