Thursday, April 23, 2009

Australian journalists podlozhili shark.

At the door of the Australian edition of the newspaper The Standard police found a small live shark. This was reported on the website edition on Thursday, April 23.
The incident occurred in the south-east coast of Australia in the port city Varrnambul (Warrnambool), Victoria. Patrol officers arrived on the summons, and found still alive 60-cm shark next to the editors, put it in a bucket with water and taken to the quay. They threw the fish into the water, and, according to police "with it now all right." It is anticipated, it was a Bull shark Australia (Port Jackson shark), non-hazardous to humans.
According to the publication, citizen action, which led the officers in accordance with the laws of the state, which in all such cases discovered shark or other large fish is obliged to take measures for its rescue.
  Local resident (name not specified), informed the police about the sharks, told the publication: "When I came out of McDonald's, I was called a gentleman standing in front of the newspaper. I went and did not believe my eyes: on the stairs is a live shark. I initially thought that census. I did not have a cell phone, so I immediately went to the police station and reported the incident. "
According to the AFP, in the editorial do not represent those who could mend the shark, and for what purpose. In the Metropolitan Police Agency reported that the most surprising incident in Varrnambule recently.

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