Friday, April 10, 2009

The newspaper The Times accused of disclosing secrets of the jury.

Against the British newspaper The Times Representative of the General Prosecutor's Office of Great Britain has been prosecuted for violating the secrecy of the court. In the case goes to jury member Michael Sekerson, whose words, published in the publication infringed, according to investigations by law. This very newspaper reported The Times.
In 2007, Ker Henderson nurse accused of murdering 11-month child, was sentenced by Royal Court of Reading in England to three years imprisonment. Commenting on the trial for The Times, Michael Sekerson reported that he has serious grounds for doubt about the fairness of verdict, despite the fact that the jury accepted the blame women are a majority.
Attorney General's Office, arguing the prosecution to the jury and the issuance of a violation of a law prohibiting the disclosure of details of the trial, called figures to two years imprisonment or an unlimited fine.
Protection, in turn, believes that the actions of the accused can not be categorized as a disclosure of the details of the trial, as well as the distribution of votes the jury and the verdict itself was already known at the time of publication of the article. With respect to the words of the jury verdict of injustice, they will, in the opinion of counsel, are merely his personal judgments, the attempt to challenge that violates the principle of freedom of speech.
Meanwhile, the personal protector juror expressed bewilderment as to why the case was instituted on his client, while the article gives the view of not only Sekersona, but his colleagues, who also questioned the fairness of the verdict.

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