Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BlagojeviÄ race was not allowed to go to the jungles of Costa Rica.

SyuzhetyKorruptsionny scandal surrounding Governor Illinoysa15.04.2009Blagoevich decided to become a "last hero" of the former governor of Illinois based Blagojević is not allowed to take part in reality shows, shooting of which will be held in Costa Rica , passes Tuesday agency Associated Press.
During the trial the District Judge James Zagel (James Zagel) refused to change the terms Blagojević release on bail, according to which he has no right to leave the United States. Blagojević should remain in the country to help lawyers to develop a protection strategy. In addition, according to Zagelya, the former governor is not until the end realizes how serious the situation, in which he appeared.
Commenting on the outcome of the meeting, Blagojevic told journalists that will play a "very large, a significant role in his defense. He reiterated that the innocent not guilty.
Former Governor of Illinois had planned to participate in the filming of reality TV show NBC "I celebrity, Take me out of here!" Which is similar to the well-known project "The Last Hero" (in the English version of "Survivor"). Members are sent to the jungles of Costa Rica, where they perform various tasks, and gradually retire from the game.
Blagojević Counsel tried to convince the judge that the channel will take all security measures that the former governor did not run away. But Assistant Attorney reminded that if Blagojević convicted, he faces 25 to 30 years imprisonment, but this is quite a serious motive for absconding.
52-year-old Blagojevic was arrested Dec. 9, 2009 on charges of attempting to sell the seat of Senator from Illinois, which is vacant following the election of Barak Obama President of the United States. Soon the governor was released on bail. He refused to voluntarily resign, declaring his innocence, then in January 2009, the State Senate announced his impeachment.
Retired governor has already tried their strength as a leading radio and signed a contract to write the book, which promised to tell you about the "dark side of politics."

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