Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Nobel laureate will be a lawyer convicted of journalist in Iran.

KommentariiMezhdu Barak and Mahmudom20.04.2009Zhurnalistka Roxana Saber gave the United States and Iran, a new reason to find out otnosheniyaIzvestnaya Iranian human rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi will be a matter of Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saber convicted of espionage in favor of U.S. and Iranian court sentenced to eight years in prison. As reported by Sky News, Saber protect human rights defenders have asked the relatives of the convicted woman.
Shirin Ebadi has called the trial of Roxanne Saber unfair and the verdict - in contravention of the Constitution. Human rights activist has pledged to appeal the verdict.
Roxana Saber was arrested in January 2009. She was accused of spying on the grounds that it continued to engage in journalistic activities and prepare reports for the Western television channels, although her press card expired back in 2006. Saber is a citizen of the United States and Iran. U.S. authorities demanded the immediate release of journalist.
Shirin Ebadi received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003. She was one of the first women judges in Iran, then left the judicial office for the profession. In 2008, the Iranian authorities have closed her human rights center.

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