Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Seventeen Moments of Spring" will be the first time in color.

TV Channel "Russia" will show a colored version of the series "Seventeen Moments of Spring", the "Russian newspaper" on Tuesday, April 28. At the "First Channel" will be shown a color version of the film "In the battle, some are old." Both tapes were originally acquitted in black and white format.
Reported that Tatiana Lioznovoy movie "Seventeen Moments of Spring," filmed in 1973, will be on channel "Russia" from 4 to 8 May at 21:00 in the category "Russian series". This information confirmed the publication of the Deputy Director General Alexander Lyubimov channel. According to him, the work of specialists in computer "paint" the series lasted for three years.
According to the publication, "The First Channel will show the film by Leonid Bykov" The battle among the elderly are "on 9 May.

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