Thursday, April 30, 2009

In the Mexican series stopped kissing because of the pig flu.

Mexican producer of soap operas, "TV Azteca has removed from the scene scenarios serials kisses and gentle touches, once on the set was recorded television case Porcine influenza. This writes Critica de la Argentina.
Company representative said that many actors refused removed in romantic episodes, the key to the whole genre because of the fear of getting infected. In these circumstances, scriptwriter have to look for unusual ways in which the characters of soap operas may express warm feelings towards each other.
At the shooting of "tomorrow will last forever" (Manana es para siempre), in particular, have banned not only kiss, but also shake hands. However, his shooting, unlike some other films for television, are not suspended.
Also, porcine influenza epidemic and raised the Mexican reality shows like "Big Brother". In order to ensure the safety of the health of program participants, the survey chose not to zriteley.Chislo Mexicans, whose doctors suspect pig flu, more than 1300 people, more than 150 patients have already died, while true, causes the death of only seven of them officially named pig flu. Also, cases of people with the disease were diagnosed in the UK, Germany, Israel, Spain, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

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