Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dagestan Journalist fined for book reviews.

Journalist from Dagestan, Svetlana Anokhin was fined Soviet court Makhachkala on 12 thousand rubles for the book reviews published in the newspaper "New business", reports RIA Novosti.
The proceedings initiated author peer-reviewed works of a journalist "Free Republic" Zaur Gaziyev, who found a response to his tale Anokhina "Gemini" offensive. Anokhin addition, the defendant in the suit stood another officer "New cases" Natalia Kraynova also eventually fined for 12 thousand.
Claims journalist to Anokhin was that in his review of the book she has called Gaziyeva "ancestor of the genre 'Kidane kakashkami'", as well as to the phrase "it does not confuse with the cloak shroud of Christ, as the graph with the Countess, pointing to the author's ignorance tales.
Regarding Kraynovoy, the lawsuit filed against it Gaziev after publication in the New the "column" What I like Svetlana Anokhin. The contents of this text Gaziev also found not fit and said the phrase "at least some of the journalism department said Zaur Gaziyev that it is not journalism, but throwing kakashek? Many think so, but nobody spoke." Both journalists Gaziev demanded compensation for moral damages in the amount of 3 million rubles.
As the "" as Gaziyev, and sentenced to a fine journalist is not happy with the decision of the court, and we intend to appeal.

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