Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Television Kyrgyzia obliged half ester broadcast in their native language.

Committee on Education in the Kyrgyz parliament has prepared a bill under which the local TV and radio should be not less than half of air time to broadcast the program in the Kyrgyz language. About Interfax reports with reference to the press service of Parliament.
These measures resulted from the need for conservation and development of the Kyrgyz language, which is the second state, along with Russian. In the near future, the bill will be submitted to the Parliament.
However, some MPs have expressed the view that the implementation of this bill will reduce the audience of TV and radio channels and adversely affect the development of this area. According to the Ministry of Culture and Information Kadyrbek Abdraev, switch to the new format will be able to broadcast only about 20 percent of television, the rest will be forced to close.
Currently in the territory of Kyrgyzstan has three national and several dozen local television stations. The largest company is the National Broadcasting Corporation CD (NTRK), which includes the state television and radio broadcasting. Broadcast in the country is, basically, in Russian, Kyrgyz and Uzbek languages. In doing so, most of the broadcast took Russian program. A retransmission of programs of Russian TV channels ORT, RTR, TVC, NTV.

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