Monday, April 13, 2009

Bank of Moscow seized the property of RBC in Cyprus.

District Court of Nicosia, at the request of Bank of Moscow has arrested all assets Cypriot media RBC. This writes the newspaper Vedomosti, citing two sources: in the RBC and in one of the banks - creditors of the company.
In Nicosia, two registered subsidiaries of RBC - RBC Investments and Ad Net. In addition, on 1 January in Cyprus has been registered EDI S Press, which controlled the company, reproduce and distribute the magazines "Ideas for your home, interior shop, salon, interior and others.
Bank of Moscow had a right to demand the arrest of the assets of RBC, as well as the largest holder of one of the issue of credit notes (CLN), which are secured by loans made by RBC from foreign banks.
Recall that the RBC had a few months, is negotiating a restructuring of its debt, which in January 2009 was estimated at 235 million dollars. In particular, their options for debt restructuring and change of ownership in RBC structure already suggested by Mikhail Prokhorov and Vladimir Potanin.
RBC is considered one of the main victims of the crisis in the Russian media. The company has suffered not only from the general economic slowdown in the country, but also from a number of transactions in the stock market. The main shareholders of RBC were German businessmen Kaplun, Dmitry Belik, and Alexander Morgulchik (19.85 per cent stake) and Unicredit Securities (about 17 per cent) and CC Rosbank (about 11 per cent).

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