Monday, April 27, 2009

Program manager at the "Fifth Channel suspended from the ether.

Leader of the" Petersburg hour "to" Fifth Channel Tatyana Aleksandrov suspend broadcast, reported RIA Novosti. According to Alexandrova, it does not explain the reasons for dismissal.
Lead is also stated that he does not know how long it was suspended. Alexandrov refused to comment on whether the removal of the ether with the situation around the ether "Petersburg hour" with the participation of St. Petersburg Committee for Economic Development (KERPPiT) Sergei Bodrunova.
April 8 in the air was a discussion of crisis plan Smolny. Subsequently it became known that after the ether has a conflict in which the officer commented negatively on the professional qualifications of the sponsors of the program, as well as the callers on the air viewers. The Government of St. Petersburg has conducted an investigation, and experts have concluded that Bodrunov should apologize, since allowed myself to "bad tone." April 23, at the official site of the Committee for Economic Development were published apology Bodrunova. This officer claims that, although the shape and tone of his remarks were unacceptable, some of the phrases in the media attributed to him by journalists.
Tatyana Alexandrova officials refused to accept an apology and said that he should resign. TV is not arranged the form of an apology: in the opinion of Alexandrova, Bodrunov should apologize directly.

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