Thursday, April 9, 2009

The convicted journalist Azerbaijani opposition newspaper released under an amnesty.

Journalist Azerbaijani opposition newspaper Azadlig ( "Freedom"), Mirza Sakit, convicted in 2006 for drug possession, went on the freedom of amnesty. This is the agency Novosti-Azerbaijan "referring to the editor of the newspaper Azer Akhmedov.
Sakit was released under the amnesty act, adopted by Parliament on March 17. Serve time in prison, the Prison Service Ministry of Justice, the journalist was released on the morning of April 9. At the exit from prison, met his family. As the agency, the release Sakita welcomed U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Anne Derse.
The journalist-satirist Mirza Sakit, was detained in June 2006 and found guilty of drug possession. He was sentenced to three years in prison. Thus, it came to freedom for the three months prior to the expiration of his sentence. On what he intends to engage in large, not reported.
Recall that in early April announced Sakit in prison hunger strike in support of the other accused journalists. There are currently serving their sentences the chief editor of "Azadliq" Ghanimat Zakhidov, which accounts for Sakitu brother. He tried for intentional infliction of less serious bodily injury and disorderly conduct. A chief editor of the newspaper Real Azerbaijan "and" Gundalik Azerbaijan "Eynulla Fatullaev serving a sentence for incitement to terrorism.

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