Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two Moldovan media as a whole asked for asylum in the United States.

KommentariiUkropnaya revolyutsiya08.04.2009Besporyadki in Moldova through the eyes of blogerovSyuzhetyAntipravitelstvennye speech in Moldavii10.04.2009Ukraina extradited the suspects in the besporyadkovKollektivy Moldovan newspaper "Jurnal de Chisinau" and online TV in full asked for political asylum in the United States. Opposition journalists explained its decision that, in Moldova "in recent days, unleashed unprecedented terror against the free press", Interfax reports.
In support of these words the media claimed that the journalist and the operator of these publications Oleg Breguet was beaten and summoned for questioning by the prosecutor's office, the operator Genadi Breguet called in for questioning, Deputy Chief of Rodica Mahu was arrested by unknown and released after questioning. A further two staff publications announced in the search for, say journalists. Note that, according to some sources, these journalists have participated in organizing a protest April 7, which resulted in riots and pogroms in Kishinev.
Requesting political asylum in the United States, journalists also said that the ruling Moldovan Communist Party has developed a "secret plan of the communist government to eliminate all democratic institutions," which "may lead to the elimination of all freedoms, obtained after the independence of the Republic of Moldova."
The protests of opponents who are unhappy their defeat in the parliamentary elections 5 April 2009, held in the capital of Moldova for several days. April 7, the participants staged a rally, riots, stormed the parliament building and the residence of the President. Both buildings were destroyed, looted and set ablaze. Damage from the actions of the authorities of Moldova pogromschikov rated at 27 million dollars.

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