Saturday, April 25, 2009

TV host Jay Leno discharged from hospital.

The popular U.S. TV host Jay Leno on Friday, April 24, was discharged from the Los andzhelesskoy hospitals, reports Associated Press, referring to his representative. He said doctors were unable to find a Leno serious health problems.
58-year-old TV host, let's have been taken to hospital the previous day due to a sudden deterioration of health while working in NBC television studios in Los Angeles. What exactly led to hospitalization, the representative refused to tell Leno.
Jay Leno on NBC leads a popular talk show "The Tonight Show". Because of the hospitalization Leno show did not come on the air and was replaced by repetitive - for the first time in 17 years, during which Leno was his lead.
Previously, it was reported that at the end of May 2009 Leno replaced by the leading "The Tonight Show" Konan O'Brayenu, but will continue to work at NBC. In September 2009, the channel will broadcast a new TV show called "The Jay Leno Show", which will lead Leno.

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