Monday, April 27, 2009

Sochi police detained an American journalist.

SyuzhetyVybory Mayor of Sochi - 200926.04.2009Kandidat of United Russia won 78.5 percent golosovKommentarii24 hours tishiny25.04.2009V Sochi ready for the election of the mayor of Sochi police detained at a polling station journalist Keith Gessen, who introduced staff member American edition of The New Yorker, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the representative of the Sochi vote.
As the head of the agency press center ATC Sochi Erenburg Alexander, a journalist was arrested in connection with what was at the polling station under the guise of an observer, not having the right to do so. Hesse arrived at the polling station after it closed, along with the headquarters of Boris Nemtsov.
The representatives arrived at the headquarters Nemtsova station to lodge a complaint against the irregularities in the vote. When checking the documents revealed that Hesse was not in possession of a journalist's identity and accreditation card, and he was taken to the central police department of Sochi.
According Erenburg, after discussions with the Migration Service of Hesse was released. He also noted that Hesse was asked to write explaining that, "in which a journalist was at the polling station."
Recall elections are held the mayor of Sochi on April 26. According to Sochi vote, a victory in the vote won by the candidate of United Russia, the Acting Mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pahomov obtaining 77 percent of the vote. Boris Nemtsov has gained 13.5 per cent of the vote and has already announced its intention to apply to court and challenge the election results on the grounds that the ballot was characterized by numerous irregularities.

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