Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Public Prosecutor's Office charged Moldavia Natalya Morar.

KommentariiUkropnaya revolyutsiya08.04.2009Besporyadki in Moldova through the eyes of blogerovSyuzhetyAntipravitelstvennye speech in Moldavii09.04.2009S government buildings removed otseplenieZhurnalistke Natalia Morar in Moldova formally charged, ITAR-TASS reported with reference to the Attorney-General Valery Gurbulyu. Prosecutor's office accused it "appeals to the organization of mass disturbances."
Earlier, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova stated that Natalia Morar was among citizens who were detained on suspicion of involvement in the riots. However, the evening of April 8, journalist husband Ilya Barabanov refuted this information. According to him, Morar in the next few days will be in a safe place and will not go to the link.
The statement of the Attorney General of Moldavia, it was not clear whether the journalist in detention or she remains at large (in the latter case, the charges could be brought to her in absentia). Valery Gurbulya said only that "Morar is among nearly 200 people who are on the case as members and organizers of mass riots."
Note that on the afternoon of April 8, in a blog Natalia Morar has a new post. In a statement made on behalf of the initiative group I - the anti! (which was part and Morar), it is alleged that members of the group are not relevant to the massive unrest that took place in Chisinau on April 7.
In the blog Moraru argues that youth activists organized a peaceful protest on 6 and 7 April (the results of disputed parliamentary elections that the opposition feels rigged). "None of the activist group was not involved in the riots," - says to use.
Recall that, on suspicion of involvement in the unrest Moldovan police detained about 200 people. They are accused of hooliganism and looting. In addition, the Moldovan Prosecutor's Office brought a criminal case under attempt to overthrow the government. " The maximum penalty under this section, is 25 years. Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin has accused the organization of the riots of opposition leaders, as well as some hostile forces in neighboring Romania.
Recall that at the end of 2007, Natalia Morar, a journalist The New Times, which has the nationality of Moldavia, was denied entry into Russia. Morar Colleagues have suggested that dissatisfaction with the Russian leadership led her article criticizing the high-ranking Russian officials.

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