Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Directed by "monsters" made the magazine puzzles.

The May number of Wired, the popular American magazine of computer technology, will be devoted to the puzzle, and puzzles: a theme for his chosen director and producer JJ Abrams ( "Monsters," "Lost," "Star Trek"), guest editor of issue.
As writes The New York Times, published in the issue of a long sequence of tasks for which required knowledge of Morse alphabet, alternative keyboard layouts, the color codes of wires and so on. In doing so, not all puzzles are labeled as printed: that some stories contain keys, readers must guess yourself.
The owners of Wired explains that made Abrams number should help you keep an audience the paper version of the magazine. Earlier in Wired, in the same capacity as the Abrams, a film director James Cameron worked and architect Rem Kolhas. By the use of such tactics, and other publications. For example, the singer Bono editor of The Independent and Vanity Fair, Steven Spielberg made the April (2009) issue of the magazine Empire.

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