Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Russia, the French have eight channels.

Owner of the Russian version of TV Fashion TV and radio "Megapolis FM" Alexander Shustorovich entered into an agreement to broadcast in Russia and CIS eight channels Franco-Belgian media company AB Groupe, said Kommersant. Manage channels will be the company of media groups Shustorovicha Pleados.
Terms of the contract between the AB Groupe and Pleados not disclosed. At the same time aware that the parties stipulated to the inclusion in the schedule of Russian programming.
To date, the license for the broadcast have already received the following channels AB Groupe: AB Moteur, on the Stave v ŽIVO and motorcycling, Chasse et Peche - about hunting and fishing, Encyclopedya - broadcast programs about culture, Animaux - on animal feed and documentaries Escales erotic channel XXL .
Founded in 1977 as a music company AB Groupe ten years engaged in the creation of television channels. Now the company owns 23 TV channels that broadcast in French. Its archives are 1,2 thousand programs a total of about 37 thousand hours.
In addition to Fashion TV Russia and "Megapolis FM" Alexander Shustorovich owns 12 book, magazine publishers, as well as half of the advertising company "Olympus".

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