Saturday, April 11, 2009

The creators of South Park Saddam Hussein handed to autograph.

Creator cartoon "South Park" Treyu Parker and Matt Stone have handed the photo of Saddam Hussein that the Iraqi dictator had signed for them, writes the newspaper The Daily Telegraph on 10 April.
According to the publication, Hussein left the autograph on the picture, while in prison shortly before his execution in December 2006. The guards Hussein - U.S. marines - the former dictator was forced to watch cartoon, and also created based on the movie "South Park: big, long and uncircumcised."
The artists said they were "very proud of a signed photograph of Saddam and what it means."
Saddam Hussein - one of the main negative characters of South Park. " His image in the series only marginally connected with reality and represents a prototype of a parody of "absolute villains, presented in American cinema. Thus, Saddam Hussein all the time trying to capture the world, often starting with this from Canada, and after death in hell shall enter into a homosexual relationship with Satan.
The real Saddam Hussein was captured by American intelligence agencies in Iraq in 2003. In November 2006, an Iraqi tribunal sentenced him to death and 30 December of that year, the sentence was carried out.

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