Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spain dramatically reducing the volume of advertising on public television.

The Government of Spain will soon significantly reduce the volume of advertising on public television. The statement was made by Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, during the presentation to members of parliament, transmits AFP. Accurate figures on the reduction of advertising Zapatero has not led.
Now the Spanish government in the channels is forbidden to show more than 10 minutes of advertising per hour. Previously, it was reported that Spain has already decided to reduce that figure to nine minutes per hour. According to the rules of the European Union, the television should not display more than 12 minutes of advertising per hour.
In Spain, two public broadcasting channels - TVE1 and TVE2. Unlike many other EU countries in Spain there is no subscription fee for TV. State television in Spain, financed by advertising and through direct assistance from the government.
According to the Association of Advertisers countries, private TV channels often violate the requirements of the EU on the limitation of advertising time per hour and 12 minutes. The same opinion and the European Commission: in 2008 it was officially warned Spain that against it may be brought charges of violations of common EU legislation on advertising.

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