Friday, April 24, 2009

DPRK authorities have completed the investigation of American journalists.

DPRK authorities prepared to charge two American journalist detained by North Korean border guards, said on Friday, April 24, AFP, referring to North Korea информагентство KCNA.

"The investigation conducted by the competent authorities of the DPRK, the journalist will be brought to justice," - said KCNA. What charges will be presented to a journalist, does not specify информагентство, reporting only that their crimes are documented. " Earlier, North Korean media have distributed a message that the American journalist threatened by charges of "hostile activity".

American journalist Laura Ling (Laura Ling) and Li Yong (Euna Lee), working for the channel Current TV, were arrested March 17 at the border the DPRK and China. Reported that Lin and Lee prepared a report on North Korean refugees in China. According to one version, the journalist had been taken into custody by North Korean border guards on the Chinese territory. The authorities of the DPRK, in turn, argue that the journalist illegally crossed the border of North Korea.

U.S. State Department said that is making all possible efforts to free the journalists. Set free amerikanok called the North Korean authorities and international human rights organization Reporters Without Borders. "

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