Thursday, April 9, 2009

American analysts invited to send F-22 to fight the pirates.

KommentariiPolny nazad12.12.2008Glava the Pentagon suggested the U.S. Army to learn skromnostiSyuzhetyPiratstvo off Somali09.04.2009Na Aid Maersk Alabama joined the American military korablIstrebitel fifth-generation F-22 Raptor is an ideal choice to escort U.S. ships and protection of military forces and the pirates. This is how the author writes the popular American blog Gawker, reported on April 8, on-air Fox News Channel analyst Thomas Makinerney (Thomas McInerney). A statement was made immediately after the news of the capture of the ship with the American citizens the Somali pirates. According to the author of the article, Makinerney just tried not quite successfully to stress the need for this aircraft for the United States.
The analyst, in particular, reported that 20-millimeter cannon F-22 would have been very effective for the destruction of the pirates, a further advantage of the world's first fifth-generation fighter is fast "response time". Nevertheless, he did not remember about the fact that similar type of weapon M-61 Vulcan found in most American fighter jets produced in the last thirty years.
Makinerney as clarifies the source also did not say that the Raptor can not be based on the aircraft carrier as opposed to the deck fighter series Hornet, which is why it can be used only with conventional airfields.
Note that in the days of the intention to cease production of F-22 Raptor, the most expensive fighter in the world, said the head of the U.S. military, Robert Gates. At the same time, the continued issuance of the aircraft concerned many U.S. defense companies. Thomas Makinerney, according to the source, is not an unbiased person, because he worked as a consultant for one of the F-22 subcontractors - Corporation Northrop Grumman.
Activities of pirates has increased significantly in 2008 in the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Somalia. Because of this, the UN has been forced to adopt a resolution allowing foreign warships to pursue pirates into the territorial waters of that country. In the fight against the pirates are involved, many countries including the United States. However, until April 8, 2009 captures the facts of ships with American citizens were reported.

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