Saturday, April 25, 2009

Journalists Fifth channel "does not forgive the St. Petersburg official.

The head of the" Petersburg hour "to" Fifth Channel Tatyana Alexandrova has not accepted an apology from the Head of the Committee for Economic Development of St. Petersburg (KERPPiT) Sergei Bodrunova for insults, which he paid to journalists on April 8, transfer, announced April 24, "Interfax" referring to the very Alexandrov.
The program manager is not arranged for a form of apology. They were not brought directly and published on 23 April on the official website of the Committee.
Despite assurances Alexandrova that staff "are not going to require blood, she ruled out an official invitation to re-broadcast transmission, until he" did not decide to choose a more appropriate form of apology. "
The conflict between the head of the St. Petersburg journalists and KERPPiT "Fifth Channel occurred after the end of the" Petersburg hour ", which discussed the crisis measures taken by the city government. According to the newspaper Kommersant, Bodrunov not only gave the authors of the program evaluation offensive, and call the audience, but also threatened to find the administration to journalists.
After the April 15, information about the conflict trickled into the media, Smolny began an investigation the incident. April 20, in the city administration came to the conclusion that Bodrunov afford to "bad tone" to the journalists and should apologize.
Talk Show "The St. Petersburg hour" to "Fifth Channel finasiruetsya Smolny and it is mainly essential resource governor Valentina Matvienko. Sending broadcast only in St. Petersburg five times a week on weekdays. It discusses urban problems.

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