Monday, April 20, 2009

Belarusian photographer was beaten for the shooting of a fire in the police station.

Belarusian photographer Vladimir Gridin detained, and then beat some people in plain clothes. This happened at a time when journalists did this photo a fire in the building Pervomaisky police station in Minsk, said "Charter'97.
According to the Gridin, he arrived to the police station burning buildings in order to cover the fire, but barely, he began taking pictures as it approached a man in civilian clothes and demanded an end to shooting. After this photo showed a man witness the Belarusian Association of Journalists, but he drew a paper from a journalist and tried to select the camera.
Gridin not intended to give the camera a few moments it came up a few more people, also in civilian clothes. They robbed the journalist camera, hit him several times and taken to the police department. Men who have not identified themselves and not told who they are, erased from the camera images Gridin fire. After that, he was released.
The incident occurred on April 16, but information about it came only a few days later - on 20 April. In connection with the incident Belarusian Association of Journalists intended to apply to the prosecutor's office Pervomaisky district with the requirement to calculate and to punish the perpetrators of attacks on journalists.

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