Thursday, April 30, 2009

British The Times mixed Warsaw and Moscow.

Authoritative British newspaper The Times in the material published on the website edition of April 28, mixed Warsaw and Moscow. In the captions to photos, which depicted the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his Polish counterpart Donald Tusk, the place of their meeting marked Moscow.
In fact, the meeting held on 28 April, was held in Poland, as described including the text of the article, a story illustrating the photo was taken in Warsaw. During the one-day visit to Poland, visited Auschwitz, and Brown held talks with Tusk.
Note that as of 2:00 am April 30, Moscow time, the signature under the photograph was still wrong.
Remember, this is the second recent case in which the British press materials contain obvious errors. Published on 6 April on the website edition of The Daily Mirror article that pedophiles will check on the lie detector has been illustrated with a photograph of Kiev Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky.
Subsequently, the page with notes about pedophiles has been removed from the site of the newspaper.

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