Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Daily Mirror illustrated an article on pedophiles photography mayor of Kiev.

KommentariiMerskaya sudba26.03.2009Leonid Chernovetskiy fighting for the right site listed vmenyaemymNa British newspaper The Daily Mirror article about preventive checks pedophiles lie detector illustrated in the photograph of the base of the agency France-Presse, which is depicted Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky.
At the original photos from on 9 March 2006 a smiling face the city, passes polygraph test, you can see well, but to illustrate to the website of the newspaper it was zaretushirovano.
To be sure, Leonid Chernovetsky never appeared in any criminal cases involving pedophilia and is not suspected of committing crimes of this kind.
This is the illustration on the site of The Daily Mirror came from the fact that the Bild-editor, most likely looking at a picture agency fotobaze detector lies on the keyword, but not drawing attention to the identity and status is depicted in the photo rights.

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