Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mayor Pervouralsk to pay compensation for the publication of his poems.

Pervouralsk court ordered to pay compensation to the mayor of the city to Maxim Fedorov, who filed a claim of copyright infringement and causing moral harm, reports RIA Novosti. The cause of action was the publication of poetry Fyodorova in the new weekly newspaper.
The respondent has Ltd. "Mass Media Center, the founder of the newspaper. It must pay Fedorov 20 thousand rubles, as well as to compensate for the cost of a lawyer, the mayor himself had requested on his behalf to recover a total of 150 thousand rubles.
The publication, entitled "Maxim Fedorov: pitch darkness reigns in the scrap-heap of power" (the title a quotation from a poem made by the mayor) came out in the new weekly newspaper, 29 January 2009. It was published Fyodorova verses from the book "Days of connecting thread, which, according to the" Russian reporter, got a circulation of 500 copies soon after assuming office Fyodorova.
According to the publication, the collection was distributed only among friends, relatives and subordinate to the mayor, and got a copy of the journalists by accident. Editor in chief Anatoly Gusev said that Fedorov has decided to publish the poems, because, in his opinion, Pervouralsk residents have a right to know the moral of the Mayor. In particular, notes the "Russian reporter, most of the poems from the collection is devoted to hangover.

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