Friday, April 17, 2009

Journalists called the name of the detainee for the sale of heroin colleagues.

Called the name of the detained on suspicion of selling heroin television. According to the "Gazety.Ru" for drug trafficking, was detained chief editor of the morning broadcast of the "Today" on NTV Dmitry Sarkisov.
The press service of NTV Lente.Ru "this information could not confirm, however, noted that on the eve of Sarkisov not gone to work, with the TV channel contacted the woman, who presented his relative, and said that the journalist became ill. Comments on ATS 'Airport', who was called "Gazete.Ru name detainee obtain.
On the detention of chief editor of news, one of the leading Russian television it became known on 17 April. A number of media, with reference to sources in law enforcement agencies reported that during the detention of the journalist on 15 April have been found 2.5 grams of heroin, police allege that the chief-editor was trying to sell drugs. Currently, a journalist released on house arrest under a subscription, he initiated a criminal case.

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