Wednesday, February 4, 2009

British tabloid refused to take the work of Michael Phelps.

KommentariiMaykl, exhale! 03.02.200914 times Olympic champion Michael Phelps zastigli for smoking marihuanyBritansky tabloid News of the World, published February 1 photo frogman American Michael Phelps with a pipe for smoking marijuana, had refused to take it to work. Phelps tried to prevent publication of the picture and offered the leadership of the publication to become a sponsor of sports columns, the publication of College News.
A person close to the deal on the photo (apparently meant for sale and publication of photo), said that Phelps also offered the newspaper money. However, the leadership News of the World refused to accept any athlete and published photos.
February 1 (shortly after the appearance of images on the website of the newspaper) in the blog Phelps was entered in which the swimmer apologized for their behavior. American athlete has promised his fans and the public not to do so in the future. February 2, apologies frogman took the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
23-year-old Michael Phelps is the most titled athlete in history. During his career he won 14 Olympic gold medals (six - at the Olympics 2004 in Athens and eight - at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing). At Games-2008, he surpassed the record of American Mark Spittsa, who at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, won seven gold medals.

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