Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chinese media have agreed to show thrown in the premiere of shoes.

China's CCTV state television late on February 3, all the same report referred to during the speech of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao at the University of Cambridge, one of the students threw a boot at him, reports The Washington Post .

The publication notes that this was an unusual step for the Chinese television, which is traditionally dominated by rigid censorship. Earlier, Chinese media have been accused of intent to completely silence the incident so as not to harm the image of the Head of Government.

The majority of Chinese news and periodicals, as well as radio and television, or did not report about what happened, or merely mention that during the visit of Wen Jiabao in London there was a slight contretemps.

However, information about what happened gradually trickled in Chinese blogosphere and to hide the incident from a boot is not possible. The Chinese authorities did not renounce censorship: as reported by The Washington Post, a large part of the comments of users on the Internet is removed and unavailable for viewing.

Male, 2 February kinuvshy boot in Wen Jiabao, was detained by guards. Reported that he is charged with violating public order. The court held on 10 February. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown expressed his regret for the fact of what happened.

Recall that, after an Iraqi journalist during a press conference in Baghdad, threw in the shoes of George Bush, his act is an example of emulation for many of those who thus wished to express his contempt for a particular policy or to the authorities.

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