Friday, February 6, 2009

The largest publishing house of Russia will lose up to 40 percent of income.

KommentariiNaklikat byudzhet04.02.2009Krizis drove advertisers internetBez reklamy05.12.2008Krizis led to a reduction in income of Russian SMIDohody major Russian publishing houses in 2009 could drop by 30-40 percent. The forecast published February 6, "Vedomosti", with reference to data management.
Publishing House "Kommersant", according to its director Demian Kudryavtseva, ready to reduce earnings by 38 percent. The Company's revenues in 2008, according to its own figures, amounted to 129 million dollars, profit before tax, revaluation and depreciation (EBITDA) - 18,5 million dollars. Director of Business News Media ", published Vedomosti and SmartMoney, Michael Dubik, reported that from January of the budget declined by 30 percent compared with last year.
Business Manager ID Anastasia Rodionova Klymenko looks at the 70-75 per cent of revenues compared to last year. According to the director of Axel Springer Russia Regina von Flemming, this year's earnings will be 40 percent below last year. RBC director Yuri Rovensky expects revenues to decline 30 percent. He noted that advertisers redistribute their budgets in favor of advertising on the Internet.
Mediapodrazdelenie communications company WPP, Group M, previously issued a forecast that in 2009 the demand for advertising in Russia will decrease by 11 per cent - up to 244 billion rubles. Russian advertisers, according to this projection, which published "Kommersant", will not only reduce the cost of contextual online advertising.

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