Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vedomosti cited RBC shareholders.

"UniCredit Securities and Management Company were Rosbank shareholders RBC, together control about 30 per cent holding, writes Vedomosti. The first 17 per cent owned by RBC and the second - 10-11 percent. In fact, through these structures controlling stake in Bank Austria and Rosbank.
According to the publication, "UniCredit Securities' shares won at the end of 2008 due to the fact that the owners of RBC did not perform on repo transactions.
The three founders of the holding company on 11 January in control of the entire 19.85 percent stake. At scheduled for April 15 shareholders meeting new co-owners may nominate to the board of directors of two or three of their representatives.
In mid-January, holding the debt which is formed by 235 million dollars offered to the creditors to write off 80 per cent of the debt, while the remaining 20 to issue Eurobonds. At that time no agreement has been reached, but the holding company for whose account in January left about $ 10 million, continues to negotiate.

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