Thursday, February 5, 2009

The wife of a maniac Frittslya won a court for the journalists.

SyuzhetyManyak of Amshtettena22.01.2009Sud over Frittslem begins 16 martaZhena Joseph Frittslya accused that he was 24 years old kept in the basement and raped his own daughter, won a lawsuit against two Austrian journals, reports The Earth Times. She was awarded 11 thousand euros in compensation.
Rosa Maria Frittsl accused Weekly News and the monthly Woman that they violated her right to privacy by publishing articles that may be of interest only to readers hungry sensations. Lawyer News said that would send the appeal the court's decision.
Many Austrian and foreign media in their submissions asked the wife maniac could not notice that he holds their daughter in a cellar. According to the official version, Joseph Frittsl locked his daughter Elizabeth, when one was 18 years old, a wife said that she left in the sect.
Frittslya wife also filed a suit against the German weekly Der Spiegel and the largest Austrian daily Kronen Zeitung.
Frittslya arrested in April 2008 when his daughter managed to escape from prison. He was charged with rape, slavery, illegal imprisonment, incest, child abuse and murder. His trial will begin in mid-March 2009.

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