Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chavez declared war on the opposition media.

The President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez declared war on the opposition media, Fox News reported on March 4.
During his speech before supporters of Chavez urged the mayors and governors' outline map of the media "in order to identify those who" are in the hands of the oligarchs. " According to the Venezuelan leader, "if it were not for lies, manipulation and exaggeration" of the media, popular government among the population would be at least 80 per cent.
During the years in office Chavez has weakened the role of private television channels critical of his regime. In 2007, he refused to renew the broadcast license for RCTV channel on the grounds that the channel supported frustrated coup of 2002.
At the same time, state media reflect solely the views of the president and the government of Venezuela. Thus, an analysis of television prior to Chavez winning the referendum on the abolition of restrictions on the number of presidential timing showed that at the state television channel VTV amendments to the Constitution reported a positive 93 percent of airtime.

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