Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The journalists of the Italian newspaper L'Unita went on strike.

Journalists Italian "left" the newspaper L'Unita went on strike, reported AFP. They are protesting a plan to restructure the company, which provides large-scale staff reductions.
In addition, the plan involves the introduction of early retirement, reducing wages by 40 percent, close all regional offices, reducing the number of pages in the newspaper and the rejection of the extension of short-term contracts.
Management of the newspaper warned journalists that if they do not agree with these measures, the publication will be forced to declare bankruptcy.
The strike began on Tuesday, March 3, and will continue until Saturday.
The newspaper was founded in 1924 by Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party. L'Unita remained "mouthpiece" of the Communist Party until 1991. It has already declared bankruptcy in 2000, because of what newspapers stopped about a year. In 2008 it acquired the company Tiscali founder Renato Soru.

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