Monday, March 2, 2009

Chinese newspaper "canceled" the transaction with China Airbus.

One of the fall in the Chinese media, incorrectly translated the message the American news agency, "canceled" the transaction for delivery to the PRC 150 passenger aircraft, Airbus, reported The China Daily.

This article, which stated that China broke off an agreement with Airbus, "fail to plan for the supply of 150 aircraft, has been reprinted by other media and sparked a broad resonance not only in China but also outside it.

Meanwhile, in the original message at Bloomberg News said that the leadership of Airbus' only postponed plans to sign a fourth in 2005, the contract provides for delivery of 150 aircraft.

"Airbus" has concluded with the PRC has three contracts to supply a total of 450 aircraft. Information about postponing the signing of the fourth contract, the company refused to comment, but earlier by Airbus in China argued that because of the crisis in 2009, the number of orders could be reduced by half compared with the previous year.

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